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Lyophilised, polyvalent, enzyme refined immunoglobulinis(equine)
Reconstitute with 10 ml of sterile water for injection I.P.

On reconstitution contains, equivalent of purified equine globulins
1 ml of reconstituted serum neutralizes
0.6  mg of Indian Cobra (Naja naja) venom
0.45 mg of Common Krait (Bungarus caeruleus) venom
0.6  mg of Russell's Viper (Vipera russelli) venom
0.45 mg of Saw scaled Viper (Echis carinatus) venom
Phenol I.P. as a preservative not more than 0.25% w/v

Polyvalent Snake Antivenin Serum I.P.(ASVS)  
A freeze dried polyvalent snake antivenin useful in case of poisonous snake bites. Lyophillsed form it can be stored at comparatively high room temperature. On reconstitution, it is a solution of purified antibodies prepared from equine blood.Available in vials, along with water for injection, to reconstitute 10ml.
10 ml. 1ml of the reconstituted serum neutralises 0.6 mg of dried Indian Cobra (Naja naja) venom.   0.45 mg of dried Common krait (Bungarus caeruleus) venom.
0.6 mg of dried Russell's Viper (Vipera russell's) venom.  

0.45 mg of dried saw scaled viper (Echis carinatus) venom.

Packing :  
1,5,10,20 vials with equal no. sterile water for injection ampoules.
Indication :  
Poisonous snake-bite treatment.
Dosage :  
Initially 1-2 vials further depending upon degree of envenomation, preferably under the cover of anti histaminics, sensitivity test advised.
Adverse Drug Reaction :  
Occasional sensitivity reactions acute anaphylactic shock which needs immediate treatment.
Precautions :  
  • Sensitivity tests should be done whenever possible before administration.
  • Antihistaminecs and treatment for anaphylactic shock should be kept ready.

Snake Antivenin is of equine origin derived from the plasma of the Horse, Ponies, Mules etc. that have been  hyperimmunized against the venoms of the four most common venomous snakes of  India. Namely
1) Indian Cobra (Naja naja )
2) Common krait (Bangarus caeruleus)
3) Russell's Viper (Vipera russellii ) and
4) Saw Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus). Serum Obtained from the plasma contains Purified,enzyme-refined and concentrated specific heterologous immunoglobulins. It is used as a passive immunising agent and affords Protection to the suseptible victims against the bites of the snake species mentioned above.1 ml. of the reconstituted Snake Antivenin neutralises 0.6 mg. of the Indian Cobra Venom,0.45 mg. of common krait Venom, 0.6 mg. of Russell's Viper venom and 0.45 mg. of the saw-scaled viper Venom.

Direction for Use :  
A. Indications :  

The Snake Antivenin is indicated for all bites caused by 
1. Indian Cobra
2. Common krait
3. Russell's viper and
4. Saw-scaled viper, where the patients with clinical signs and symptoms of envenomation.

B. Precautions to be observed before administration of snake Antivenin:
  • Elicit history of familial allergic disorders such as asthma, eczema, drug allergy from the patient.
  • Whether he had received earlier, injection of serum such as anti-tetanus serum, anti-diptheria serum etc.
  • Carry out the sensitivity test on the patient. Inject subcutaneously 0.1ml of the serum diluted 1:10. Observe the patient for 30 min. for local or general reactions, if any. In the absense of adverse reaction, administer the requisite dose by the chosen route of injection.
  • Keep handy injection Adrenaline (Epinephrine) 1ml of 1:1000 along with antihistamines and steroids to meet any emergency arising out of sensitivity reactions.
  • After ad